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For All Your Complicated Flooring Needs

We designed systems that fulfill your flooring needs. There are many conditions of floors that require durable, chemical resistant, hygienic, or beautiful coatings solutions. We are more than glad to partner with you to provide the solution to your needs.

Our Innovations

Industry Focused Products!

Spectro System

An innovative quick dry coating system, integrating specialty UV based coating and durable hybrid primer & color coatings.

Hybrid Water Based System

An eco-friendly solution to areas requiring low odor, breathable coating system.

Cold Room System

An eco-friendly solution to areas requiring low odor, breathable coating system.

Comfort Floor System

A flexible high build coating designed to absorb noise and shock while upholding the highest hygiene standard and durability against chemicals. Suitable for hospitals, offices, kindergardens, or schools

Homogeneous Tile System

A solution oriented system that can be applied directly on homogenous tiles, requiring less downtime for redecoration of existing tiles. No need of replacement of tiles. Less Hassles, less dust, flexible timing. No need to close your commercial areas for floor maintenance.

Hybrid PU Concrete System

A high build system for low temperature, chemical resistant, hygienic finish. Suitable for food and beverage industry requiring waterbase, eco friendly materials withstanding heavy loads.

Natural Look Concrete System

A fast application coatings for simple concrete looks with durable protection and desirable gloss levels. Suitable for users looking for a simple natural looking, easy clean and chemical resistant concrete coatings system.

Fast Dry Restoration System

A quick and simple restoration system to renew and refresh your existing PU Concrete from the effects of wear and tear

Hot Floor System

A heat dissipating coating system for floors with contact to temperature up to 150C. Suitable for kitchens.

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